[Common Things on a Working Holiday & Trip] WHM put too much stuff in their backpack and eventually….

Put travel items in my backpack...



I need too many things.

What you need for a working holiday Let's leave H.. Heavy After all, reduce my luggage


How to minimize travel luggage

When I prepared on my working holiday,I had packed travel items into a backpack.
The weights were 7kg in the front and 15kg in the back,
for a total weigh became 23kg.

Looking back now
I feel wonder that I could carry such a heavy baggage on my back and ran around …

I was young at that time …

I do not think it is a wise choice
to walk around with heavy luggage

I will tell you how to lighten your luggage when you go to travel abroad.
It born from my experience, regret, and bitter memories.

How to luggage reduction technique for kangaroo T.



Technique 1. Do not bring anything other than what you need

After all,
↑↑This is the most important thing.

You can save the capacity and weight of your bag
by bringing only what you need.

To be honest,
I want to bring everything as a necessity.

If possible,
I would like to bring the whole house.

There are only a few things you really need.

Here’s what you really need for your trip.

  • Passport / ticket
  • Medicine
  • Pens & memo
  • Cable for charging smartphone
  • Bath towel (1)
  • Hand towel (1)
  • Changing clothes (2)

It is an amount that fits comfortably in your backpack.

Of course.
Passports/tickets/medicine are absolutely necessary.

You do not need to bring clothes and towels from your country.
It is heavy and takes up space, so it gets in the way.

So what should we do? 


Technique 2. Buy at a travel destination

What action is the correct answer?
For a stress-free journey without heavy luggage.

The answer is simple.
Buy clothes and towels at a local store.

This is the best option.

If you want to buy towels,
clothes and daily necessities in Australia

I recommend this shop.

オーストラリアにKマートあり!! ワーホリ・地元民がよく行くお店

It is a discount variety store.

If you want to buy towels,
clothes and daily necessities in Japan.

I recommend these shops.

  • AEON CO., LTD.
  • Don Quijote Co., Ltd.

AEON is large shopping mall.
Don Quijote is discount store.
UNIQLO is clothing store.


The problem of buying locally

When I give the above advice,
Some people say that I do not want to do it.
Because the quality and functions are different from my country.

I understand what you want to say well.

you can understand the culture and customs
by using the things that the locals use.

Do you eat McDonald’s or Kentucky when you travel?
Aren’t you eating food the local food of your destination?

If you’re only eating McDonald’s or Kentucky when you travel,
you don’t know what you’re traveling for, do you?


Technique 3. If you don’t use it anymore, donate is welcome.

It doesn’t make sense
if I reduce my luggage and increase luggage again, right?

You noticed it.
You have a good sense!!

I’ll give you 10 points.

We were able to reduce luggage.
It doesn’t make sense if we buy more and increase luggage, right?

But you know,
Actually, this problem can be solved in a surprising way …

The secret is…

I’d already written secret in the title …

There is a means of donation

If you were Japanese, you may feel it strange.

From clothes and towels to electrical appliances.
Donations are welcome at overseas.

Unlike Japan,
donation culture and second-hand goods culture are developing at overseas.

For example,
Unnecessary clothes, towels, bags, etc.
Donate it to a backpacker hostel.

Many backpackers would pick it up.
If it in a free bottle,
Someone will take it as they please.

It will be donated to a homeless support group.
Or It will be recycled in a second hand shop.


This is the end of the
Kangaroo T’s How-to luggage reduction technique.

Ah, I understand this.

I don’t like heavy luggage.

Oh!! You to.
When I packed a large thing in the instrument case,

it was difficult to carry…

Ah … Is Carlos *hosn inside?



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