Have you ever eaten insects? Entomophagy is starting in style in Japan.

Kyoto Koorogi


New trendy snacks are…

yum yum Kyoto crickets  Why are you eating Cricket? Would you like Kyoto crickets Kyoto Koorogi (Cricket) by TAKEO, LLC


The History of insects Eating in Japan

If I say that Japanese people eat insects,
you will be surprised.

When you think of Japanese food,
you probably image of Ramen, Sushi and Tempura.

The image is not wrong,
But things are a little different in Japan these days.

Near future,
Entomophagy may be added to category of Japanese food.

In fact,
Eating insects are becoming popular in Japan these days.

Eating insects is not a new culture.

Japanese insects food has a long history.
Records of insects food are preserved in the Edo period, about 400 years ago.

In Japan today,
Entomophagy has been reviewed as a healthy food and is becoming a new trend.


Actuary… I have experience of Eating insects


I have eaten various kinds of insects several times in the past.


For example

Cicadas, Scorpions, Spiders, Bees, Bee larvae …



The insects I ate in Thailand are especially memorable.

The method of cooking insects in Thailand is mainly to fry insects in oil.

Salt is the most common seasoning for fried insects.


Insect fries are seasoned with salt.

Salty insects go well with Thai beer.

The texture of the fried insects is crispy.



It is a little oily because it fries in oil.

And It can be salty.




In Japan case.

The cooking method of frying insects is also common,

But insects can be eaten aside from fried.


Other method is called Tsukudani.

Tsukudani is a traditional Japanese cooking method.

It is a cooking method that seasons with soy sauce and sugar.

The insects are simmered with soy sauce and sugar, they are tsukudani.




I will report on Kyoto Koorogi (Cricket) this time.
It’s manufactured by TAKEO, LLC,

A product that is currently attracting a lot of attention.


The review of Kyoto Koorogi (Cricket) by TAKEO, LLC

The name of the product I ate this time is
konchu Niboshi Kyoto Koorogi (Cricket)

※konchu means insects .
※Niboshi means Japanese dried infant sardines.
In this case, it means the cooking method to dry.

There is a dried cricket in the package.

In fact,
The name Kyoto is used,
The cricket used is the (Europe) house cricket.

Crickets are bred in Kyoto.

This is the corporate website↓↓
昆⾍煮⼲し 京都こおろぎ ‒ 昆⾍⾷の通販ショップ|TAKEO



It looks like a cricket as it is.
It has a head, tactile sensation, and even legs.

If someone who does not like bugs sees them,
they will run away in surprise.

The size is smaller than I imagined.


texture of food

The texture is crispy.

For example
It has a flavor similar to shrimp and crab.

The thorns of feet stick in my mouth.

Cricket head is hard and a little hard to eat.



There is a light saltiness.

There is no bitterness and discomfort in the taste.
And also, No odor.


My impression

It is easier to eat than fried one.
Also, It is not fried hands will not get dirty.

It’s small and not very filling to eat.

This cricket seems to go well with sake.

I recommend dry taste of sake .

If there’s an improvement,
it’s the high price for volume.

The taste is good.
But 15 grams for \1,300 (USA$13) seems expensive.


Mysterious vending machine appears

I have a surprising news.

Japan is also famous for large number of vending machines.

In fact,
An insect vending machine has appeared.

Entomophagy has been sold only online and in stores previously.
Vending machines have also started selling insects quite recently.

Many kinds of insects are on sale at the Vending machines.

For example,

  • Diving beetle,
  • Grasshopper,
  • Giant water bug,
  • Bamboo bug,
  • Silkworm,
  • Dung beetle,
  • Beetles,
  • scorpions,


There are 29 different types of insects.

This project has just started,
So, insect vending machines are located in the metropolitan area.

Insect vending machines are also increasing in local cities.

On a side note.
It is rumored that this machine is also installed in the otaku town Akihabara.


I’m looking forward to the fact
that insect food is likely to become popular in Japan as well.


How’s taste?
Not bad…


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