Persimmon tannins may restrain activity of coronavirus, Published by Nara Medical University

Persimmon COVID19 Australia


Persimmon tannins may restrain activity of coronavirus???

When I heard this news,
I thought that’s kinds of fake news.

I was curious, I looked it up.
If it is True or Fake.

they added a high concentration of persimmon tannins to a sample of human saliva with the new coronavirus in it. After 10 minutes, they then compared the sample with another where the tannins had not been introduced, and found that the virus’s infectivity had reduced to one-ten thousandth or less of what it was before.

Quoted from The Mainich

Persimmon tannins may weaken coronavirus: west Japan university researchers – The Mainichi

”柿渋”が…新型コロナウイルスを「無害化」させると発表 奈良県立医科大学(関西テレビ) – Yahoo!ニュース

According to the news site,
It is likely to be true.

Please Don’t get me wrong.

If you eat persimmons to prevent COVID-19.
It will not work well.

Things is not simp.


What is Kaki Shibu (Persimmon tannins)

When we hear name of Persimmon tannins.
We imagine painting material for building in normal case.

Persimmon tannins (Kaki Shibu) is
mainly used for antiseptic and insect repellent purposes.

Kaki Shibu (Persimmon tannins) is an extract of persimmon.
That contain high concentration of persimmon tannins.

What is Persimmon Tannin

Tannins are a component of bitterness.

The material of Persimmon tannins is unripe persimmon.
Unripe persimmon is Squeezed to obtain juice of persimmon.
And then that juice is fermented and aged.
After a couple of years Squeezed persimmon juice become the Kaki Shibu

I found an easy to understand explanation↓↓

Making of Perssimon Tannin Juice (Kaki-shibu)


Memory of Kaki Shibu at Brisbane Australia.

Black Sapote Australia

I have a memory of Kaki Shibu (Persimmon tannins) in Australia.
Actually, It’s not sweet memory…

When I was in Australia.
I visited the place name is Brisbane City Markets to buy fruits.

The name of fruits is…
Black Sapote

Diospyros nigra – Wikipedia

Black Sapote (Diospyros nigra) is a species of persimmon.

I went back to the home after shopping.
And I tried eating Black Sapote.

The taste was beyond my expected!!!!!

It was really bitter taste beyond imagination.

Holy S○it!!!

Not even a dog will eat it!!!

It’s not surprising
Because I eat an unripe Black Sapote without noticing.

Unripe Black Sapote is not eatable…

Do you remember?
Unripe persimmon has a plenty of tannins.
The Tannin is a component of bitterness….

It’s a tannin memory for me.
You know, Just bitter. LOL


I felt power of Kaki Shibu

I hope Kaki Shibu will work for COVID-19 well.

I also ate ripe Black Sapote.
That’s not bad.


Persimmon at Australia

When I was in Australia.
I felt like I saw Persimmon at the Supermarket.

I was curious, so I tried googling.

As I remember,
Persimmons were sold at supermarkets.

Like this

Persimmon Fresh each | Woolworths

But Please don’t be rush.

Doctor’s said…

“It’s absolutely not the case that just having persimmon tannins present in something means they’re effective, or that if you eat persimmons you’ll be fine.” He added, “At the moment we only have results under test conditions, and a clinical trial is required.

Quoted from The Mainich

Persimmon tannins may weaken coronavirus: west Japan university researchers – The Mainichi

Please do not drink persimmon astringent for painting as it is dangerous.
Please do not eat unripe Persimmon as it is dangerous.




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